Just like our wines, each wine-growing location has its own distinctive character. This can even vary within the boundaries of one vineyard. A loamy chalk soil can suddenly become a hard sandy soil that places completely different demands on the vines. It takes a great deal of intuition and experience to deal with this diversity of natural conditions.


Our Kalterersee location ‘Plantaditsch’ bears testimony to the long tradition of wine growing in the Klosterhof. Here, the oldest vine stocks, originally planted by our grandparents and great grandparents, have reached the ripe old age of 85 years. Walking through these rows is akin to taking a stroll through a history book.


Located directly behind the Klosterhof and spread over an area of 2.5 hectares, the ‘Trifall’ site is our largest vineyard. This location perfectly demonstrates how quickly the soil and the direction and steepness of the slope can change. That is why we grow not only our main variety, Pinot Noir, here, but also Pinot Blanc, Merlot and Goldmuskateller.


Located at an elevation of 400 metres, the ‘Barleit’ site offers the most stunning panoramic view of the Kalterer See lake. This is where the grapes for our Weissburgunder and Blauburgunder grow. The slope has a gradient of up to 30 percent – which poses constant challenges when we’re working here. However, the outstanding location with optimal sun exposure compensates for this, while northerly and southerly winds provide constant aeration.


Our highest location ‘Vial’ lies at an altitude of 530 metres above sea level and slopes towards the Mendel mountain range. The effects of the nearby Mendel massif on the soil and climate are unmistakable – nowhere else are the temperature fluctuations between day and night as palpable as here - an ideal location for Pinot Noir grapes imbued here with a truly exceptional character.

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