Here at the Klosterhof, we have been dedicated to the craft of winemaking for generations. From the grapes that grow and ripen on four vineyard sites in our home village of Kaltern, we produce some 30,000 to 40,000 bottles of wine each year, including our three flagship varieties – the Pinot Blanc ‘Weissburgunder’, the Pinot Noir ‘Blauburgunder’ and the ‘Kalterer See’.

Each bottle has its own story to tell

Our Weissburgunder combines freshness and youthfulness, while the Kalterer See – a Vernatch wine typical of the region – closely reflects our native homeland and the local tradition of wine growing. Our personal favourite, here in the Klosterhof, is our third flagship variety, the Blauburgunder. Creating a powerful wine from the Pinot Noir grape variety requires utmost care and attention – and it’s precisely this challenge that we love. In addition, we also produce a crisp, fruity Goldmuskateller, a dense Merlot and a light, summery Blauburgunder rosé.

In addition to the classic lines of our three flagship varieties, we also have a second focus, namely Riserva wines. These premium wines, of which only a small number of bottles are produced each year, provide an outstanding enhancement to our superb classic wines.

Our wines age in hand-coopered barrique and acacia barrels in the farm's own wine cellar. The white wines mature for up to ten months, the red wines for up to 18 months, after which they mature for another six to 18 months in the bottle – which is why it takes time before a vintage can be tasted.

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