At the Klosterhof, wine dictates life’s rhythm – although, naturally, this is different each and every year. To produce wine of the highest quality, as we do here at the Klosterhof, you have to adapt yourself to the weather conditions and natural factors. You need to select just the right moment for each step of the process and exercise patience time and time again. And that is precisely our philosophy.

On our vineyard sites, we let our vines grow slowly and put down roots before harvesting the first grapes. Prior to each pruning, we deliberate at length about the direction in which to train the vine before cutting solely by hand and with scrupulous care. Our father, Oskar, learned this meticulous attention to detail from his parents and passed it on to his own two sons, Daniel and Hannes.

In addition to various crops for our green manure, we also plant rose bushes, olive trees and pear trees, thus celebrating botanical diversity. In autumn, the most work-intensive time of the year, we harvest the grapes by hand before carefully sorting them in the Klosterhof’s inner courtyard. Although this entails a lot of time and effort, we feel it’s worth it to attain the best possible quality.

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